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Compressed Air Filtration

In the food, beverage, dairy, and pharmaceutical industries, clean compressed air is required to maintain a safe final product. Also known as line filters, compressed air filters are used to filter air that has direct contact with your product or the equipment that is producing your final product. While invisible to the naked eye, compressed air is filled with unhealthy contaminates that will ruin your final product if not properly filtered. Without proper filtration, the equipment that produces your product will wear significantly faster resulting in higher down time.


  • Bulk Liquid Separator Filters

  • General Purpose Filters

  • High Efficiency Oil Removal Filters

  • Oil Vapor Removal Filters

  • Desiccant Dryers

  • Refrigerated Air Dryers

  • Rental Dryers

Use Cases

  • Food & Beverage


  • Dairy


  • Pharmaceutical


  • Personal Care