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Engineering & Fabrication

Our Mechanical-Technical Department, known as Mec-Tec, is a highly-skilled team of engineers, machinists and fabricators that has many years of experience creating custom solutions for even the most unique applications. Whether you need an unusual fitting, pump base, valve manifold, flow panel, COP tank, or custom skid system, we will work with you to create the best possible solution. 

Find a Solution

Our experienced team of engineers, machinists and fabricators will work with you to design and create custom solutions for even the most unique applications.


The first step of our engineering process is listening to you. We take time to learn about the application requirements, process limitations, desired capabilities, and any other specific needs you might have. Whether we are creating a completely new solution, or customizing an existing product to better meet your goals, F&H is here to help.


Our engineering team utilizes the latest 3-D CAD technologies to create drawings for proof of concept and approval. This is where innovation shifts toward materialization and you begin seeing ideas come to life. This step of the process gives you peace of mind that the custom equipment will fit precisely within the allotted space and perform the task(s) required.


Our machinists, welders, and fabricators have many years of experience. F&H has designed and built a wide variety of customized solutions to improve cleanliness, efficiency, and safety. Take a look at some of our work in our gallery below, and let us know how we can help you!